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Kitchen Scales - Food Scales, Kitchen Scale


We sell a large variety of kitchen scales from modern digital models to traditional balance scales that use weights. Kitchen scales have long been used to accurately weigh ingredients for use in cooking, a recipe is no good unless the cook has some way of accurately measuring what's needed.

The simplest form of food scales we sell are the spring pocket balances, which are essentially just a high tension spring with a hook on the end, the heavier the object the further the spring will stretch. Most modern scales in fact work using a variation of this method, their displays differ though as some make use of a digital screen display while others make use of a dial. Enjoying a resurgence at the moment are the old fashioned balance food scales that make use of either metric or imperial weights.

3534251 - Cast Iron Metric Weights
5951627 - multi kitchen scale white
5952270 - contour mechanical kitchen scale
5952594 - clockface kitchen scale white
5953048 - add n weigh jug scale
5953226 - add n weigh jug scale stainless steel
5953891 - mechanical kitchen scale white
5954460 - Salter 1039 Pod Kitchen Scale
6761350 - spring pocket balance 27lb
6761365 - spring pocket balance 56lb
CWESCALEGRN - electric kitchen scales green
CWESCALEPNK - electric kitchen scales pink
CWESCALEPUR - electric kitchen scales purple
CWESCALEYEL - Electronic Kitchen Scales Yellow
NETSCABLK - Traditional Balance Scales
imperial weights

NEWGTIMP8 - imperial weights
metric weights

NEWGTMET10 - metric weights
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