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Kitchen Timer - Cooking Timer, Kitchen Timers


A kitchen timer is an important kitchen appliance for anyone serious about the accuracy of their cooking, a cooking timer is especially important in baking when precise timing can make or break the quality of a bake.

Kitchen timers come in a variety of shapes and styles, we stock both the more modern digital display kitchen timers and the old fashioned dial operated variety, we even stock a sand timer! Most of our cooking timers come with either a fold out stand or are magnetized so that they can be easily affixed to an oven or fridge. They are also battery operated, so that you can take your kitchen timer with you into another room and your food won't burn. We also keep some fun kitchen timer designs which kids will love.  

1640511 - Eddingtons Cow Timer
5953975 - Big Button Kitchen Timer
5953996 - timer and clock stainless steel
mini timer

5954015 - mini timer
gourmet timer

5954020 - gourmet timer
E24125 - Smart digital timer
ED850091 - Eddingtons Magnetic Retro Timer

HORTC305 - Judge Pig Kitchen Timer
KCDIGITALTH - Digital Thermometer And Timer
KCJUMBOCP - digital display timer
KCLMTIMCC - cup cake electric timer
KCLMTIMGB - gingerbread man electric timer
KCMCTIM3 - triple sand timer
KCTIM2HR - wind up kitchen timer
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