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Gas Lighter - Gas Stove Lighter, Stove Lighter


A gas lighter is ideal for easy lighting of gas stoves, gas hobs, gas ovens, camping stoves, open fires and candles, easier to use than matches and with a more reliable flame that burns as long as you need it to. A gas lighter also has advantages over a match or cigarette lighter in it's reach, they tend to be much longer and therefore perfect for hard to reach areas which makes great gas stove lighters.

A stove lighter is also easy to refill, all of our stock can be easily refilled using standard gas lighter refill aerosols. Not all gas lighters produce a flame, some produce only a spark without the need for refilling or batteries, obviously these only work when lighting a device that produces it's own gas for lighting.  

0763090 - Gas Flame Lighter white
coloured lighter

CHAMPDISP - coloured lighter
gas lighter

KCGLIGHT - gas lighter
gas lighter

KCPIEZO - gas lighter
KCPOLKALIGHT - polka butane gas lighter
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