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Magnetic Knife Rack - Magnetic Knife Block, Magnetic Knife Holder


A magnetic knife rack is in essence a bar of magnetized steel that can be fitted to a wall, knifes and other flat steel kitchen gadgets can then be affixed to the bar. This has advantages over traditional knife blocks because they are easier to clean, do not blunt the ends of the knives and allow you to see what knives are where so that you can grab the intended knife from the magnetic knife rack first time.

Our Stellar magentic knife holder range comes in different lengths and all feature powerful magnets which maintain a constant magnetic hold on the knives ensuring they wont fall off but at the same time are weak enough for you to be able to easily remove a desired knife from the holder. The Stellar magnetic knife rack collection also features and a lifetime guarantee as standard.

3490199 - Magnetic Knife Rack
HORSA30 - Magnetic Knife Rack 38cm
HORSA31 - Magnetic Knife Rack 50cm
HORSA98 - magnetic knife rack 30cm
HORSA99 - magnetic knife rack 45cm
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