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Oven Gloves - Oven Mitts, Oven Glove


Plenty of oven gloves and aprons to choose from here, oven gloves are obviously an important piece of kit in any kitchen for removing hot cookware from an oven. An oven glove comes in two forms – a double oven glove is essentially two oven mitts attached together by a ribbon of material while technically an oven mitt is for a single hand.

Oven gloves come in a range of colours and designs, perhaps the most important consideration though is the material. A fabric oven glove is usually made from 100% cotton with 100% polyester wadding to insulate from heat, the more modern approach is to use silicone. Silicone oven gloves are capable of heat resilience up to 250 degrees and are very grippy giving you total confidence when handling hot cooking vessels.  

4480197 - Cotton Kitchen Apron Black
4480202 - Cotton Kitchen Apron Green
4480218 - Cotton Kitchen Apron Red
MCSILGLOVE - silicone single oven glove
SAB108302 - Boucherie Double Oven Glove
Boucherie Apron

SAB108319 - Boucherie Apron
SAB108326 - Boucherie Single Oven Glove
SAB108340 - Bistro Double Oven Gloves
Bistro Apron

SAB108357 - Bistro Apron
SAB108364 - Bistro Single Oven Glove
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