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Water filters have become very popular in recent years, different areas of the country have different levels of certain minerals in the water supply, the level of water hardness also differs from place to place. The result is that in some areas of the country the tap water doesn't taste as nice as in others, did you know that Chlorine is added to mains water to fight germs?

All water tastes better when passed through water filters. A water filter jug is essentially a water filter built into the top of an otherwise standard fridge jug. We also sell water filter cartridges as these will need replacing periodically to keep your water filter jug working. You may have enjoyed filtered water without even knowing it – lots of high end Tassimo and Bosch appliances have built in Brita water filtration technology.  

0840142 - multifit water filter cartridges pack of 3
0840320 - elemaris fridge water filter white
0840535 - Brita Marella Filter Jug
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