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Bread Knife - Bread Knives, Sabatier Bread Knife


Choose a bread knife from our range of professional quality bread knives, our Stellar knives including the Stellar Sabatier bread knife come with a lifetime guarantee, are dishwasher safe and finished to a high standard. We also stock bread knives with Zirconia ceramic blades which are one of the hardest cutting tools available.

A bread knife differs from most other kitchen knives because it features large serrations which act as lots of miniature cutting edges, this enables a bread knife to cut through soft bread without the need for excessive pressure, bread knives therefore will not squash your bread. A bread knife is usually between 6 and 10 inches long and should ideally be sharpened by a professional when required.

3490089 - Roast And Bread Knife
Bread Knife

3490157 - Bread Knife
HORID14 - Damask Bread Knife 8
HORIJ14 - James Martin 8
HORIM14 - james martin s.steel bread knife
HORIS14 - s.steel sabatier bread knife
HORIT14 - Taiku 20cm / 8" Bread Knife
HORJSD14 - Judge Spada 18cm / 7
HORSB14 - Stellar Cerra Ceramic Bread Kmife 6
HORSC14 - Ceramic bread knife 6"
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