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Carving Knife - Knife for Carving, Carving Knives


Browse our range and look for your next carving knife, a must for accurately carving meat. A carving knife is usually much thinner than a cooks knife, this is so that carving knives can accurately cut thin slices of meat and poultry with ease.

Our carving knives are made by Stellar can all come with a lifetime guarantee and because a knife for carving features a straight blade it can be sharpened at home with a domestic knife sharpener. A carving knife will tend to be anywhere between 8 and 15 inches long and must be kept very sharp. The Stellar Damascus Steel Carving Knife is a unique blade made from carbon steel sandwiched between 33 layers of Damascus steel making it an ideal knife for carving.

3490089 - Roast And Bread Knife
Carving Knife

3490115 - Carving Knife
HORID10 - Damask Carving knife 8
HORIJ08 - James Martin 8
HORIM08 - james martin s.steel carving knife
HORIS08 - s.steel sabatier 8" carving knife
HORIS10 - s.steel sabatier 10" carving knife
HORJSD08 - Judge Spada 20cm / 8
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