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Chef Knives - Chef Knife, Chefs Knife, Chef Knife Set


Take a look through our large collection of chef knives also known as a cooks knife. A Chef knife is a multi purpose knife which is essential in any chefs arsenal. Our chef knives come in 8 inch and 6 inch sizes.

A chefs knife is usually large and heavy, the blade is slightly curved so that the chef can rock the blade forwards and back on a cutting board for very precise cuts. A chefs knife features a broad spine and bolster which adds weight, strength and balance, this enables chef knives to chop bone in place of a cleaver making a chef knife a truly versatile tool in the kitchen. The blade of a chefs knife is suitable to be sharpened at home.


HORID17 - Damask 8
HORIJ16 - James Martin 6
HORIJ17 - James Martin 8
HORIM16 - james martin s.steel 6
HORIM17 - james martin s.steel 8
HORIS16 - s.steel sabatier 6" cooks knife
HORIS17 - s.steel sabatier 8" cooks knife
HORJSD17 - Judge Spada 18cm / 7
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