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Knife Block - Knife Blocks, Sabatier Knife Block, Knife Block Set


A knife block is usually a phenomenally better value way to buy kitchen knives as apposed to buying them individually, especially premium quality kitchen knives. A knife block actually refers to the storage device that holds then knives but the term is colloquially refers to the block and a set of knives to go with it.

Our bets selling knife blocks are the Sabatier knife block and the ceramic knife block set, Sabatier knives are high end professional knives forged form a single billet of stainless steel, buying these knives individually would cost vastly more than buying them as a knife block. We stock both beech wood knife blocks and acrylic knife blocks for both traditional and contemporary kitchen tastes.

3301987 - Judge IK60 Sabatier Knife Set
7260096 - Sabatier Knife block 5 piece
7260117 - L80175 acrylic knife block set
8060334 - Zyliss 3 Piece Knife Set
CERKS006 - Ceramic Knife block set
HORIV60 - knife block sabatier
HORPP386 - Stellar Sabatier Santoku Knife Set
HORSK92 - fibre & beech knife block
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