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Paring Knife - Paring Knives, Stainless Steel Paring Knives


A paring knife is a small knife with a plain edge used for intricate small work in the kitchen, like peeling the skin off fruit or mushrooms. Paring knives are meant to be general purpose knives much like a cooks knife only much smaller.

We sell quite a range of paring knives from stainless steel paring knives to Damascus steel to ceramic. Stainless steel paring knives have been tried and trusted for some years now, as they are strong, easily sharpened and dishwasher safe. A Damascus steel paring knife is stronger and retains a sharper cutting edge but is not suited for dishwashers. Ceramic paring knives are some of the hardest paring knives available and are also considered the most hygienic as their surface is non porous. 

Vegetable Knife

3490031 - Vegetable Knife
E72400 - Zyliss Paring Knife
E72401 - Zyliss Serrated Paring Knife
HORID01 - Damask paring knife 3.5
HORIJ02 - James Martin 3.5
HORIM02 - james martin s.steel paring knife
HORIS01 - s.steel sabatier paring knife 3.5
HORIS02 - s.steel sabatier paring knife 3
HORSB01 - Stellar 3" Paring Knife
HORSB02- Stellar 4
HORSC01 - Ceramic paring knife 3"
HORSC02 - Ceramic Paring knife 4
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