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Santoku Knife - Santoku Knives, Japanese Santoku Knife


A Japanese santoku knife is very well balanced and often much thinner than it's Western version, this results in a kitchen knife that can cut through meat without it stocking to the blade, a santoku knife is therefore able to make precise quick cuts with ease. The James Martin version of the Japanese santoku knife comes fitted with scallops on the sides of the blade above the edge to further reduce cutting friction.

A santoku knife also has a much straighter blade and a rounded sheepsfoot tip blade, this makes santoku knives easily recognizable from a Western cooks knife. The ultimate version of the santoku knife are our Damascus steel knives in which the blade is made from carbon steel sandwiched between 33 layers of Damascus steel which provides great strength and incredible sharpness.

HORID07 - Damask santoku Knife 7
HORID43 - Damask santoku knife 5
HORIJ07 - James Martin japanese santoku knife
HORJSD07 - Judge Spada 12CM/5
HORSB07 - Stellar Ceramic Santoku Knife 5
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