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Utility Knife - Utility Knives, Utility Knife


A utility knife is between a chefs knife and a paring knife in size usually about 10cm to 18cm in length. A utility knife arguably has no specific purpose in a kitchen being too long to be used as a paring knife and lacking the length and strength of a cooks knife. However this has led to utility knives being one of the most popular multipurpose knives on the market as it's about as close as one can get to a knife that does all but the most specialist of jobs in one.

This makes the utility knife an ideal choice for someone that does not wish to spend the money on a set of kitchen knives and instead have 1 or 2 very versatile knives. As such we stock a range of utility knives incorporating many designs and different materials. Click on a product to see it's details and specifications.

3490026 - Multi Purpose Knife
Kitchen Knife

3490073 - Kitchen Knife
C12008 - Culinare Two In One Knife And Peeler
E72412 - Zyliss Utility Knife
HORID03 - Damask utility knife 5
HORIJ03 - James Martin 4.5
HORIM03 - james martin s.steel utility knife
HORIS03 - s.steel sabatier utility knife 4"
HORSC03 - Ceramic utility knife 5
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