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Basting - Baster, Oil Spray, Cooking Spray


Use basting tools to help keep your food moist. The cooking process of basting involves using either a baster or oil spray to apply moisture to meat periodically while it cooks. Basting is usually associated with oven roasting but is also suitable for grilling and spit roasting.

A baster is used to apply either the meats own juices, a marinade or sauce to the meat, it's long nozzle means that you can keep a reasonable distance between you and the heat of an open oven. One has to be careful when basting not to leave the oven open for too long as this can actually make the meat more dry defeating the purpose of basting altogether. An oil spray or cooking spray is slightly different, although these can be used for the same purpose they are more suited to initial coating with oil before cooking begins, they are excellent at creating a thin film of oil on meats which is much more healthy.

Plastic Baster

KCBASTER - Plastic Baster
KCBASTERPRO - pro baster stainless steel
KCMCSPRAY - oil spray for cooking
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