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Cheese Graters - Grater, Parmesan Grater


Cheese graters were invented in the 1950s by François Boullier and have proved incredibly useful ever since, cheese graters come in many different designs, types and sizes. We stock quite a range of cheese graters from rotary drum graters to cheese planes. Grated cheese is great for spreading over food that's destined for the oven or grill, as grated cheese melts quicker and more evenly that sliced cheese. It's also easier to mix grated cheese into sauces and baking mixes.

A grater can come in a variety of grades from fine to very coarse, many box graters have a different shape or gauge of blade on each side so that multiple types of grated cheese can be created from one grater. A Parmesan grater is designed for grating Parmesan and other very hard cheeses to a fine grate, these can also be used for grating nutmeg and chocolate.

ICBGRATE - Bamboo Parmesan Grater
KC101W - three way flat grater stainless steel
KC7IN1 - 7 in 1 manodoline slicer and grater
KC926W - box grater stainless steel 20cm
KC98M - micro grater medium
KC99F - micro grater fine
KCAB938 - box grater stainless steel 14cm
KCCCGUIDE - clear cut grate guard
Cheese Wire

KCCWIRE - Cheese Wire
KCDRUM3 - rotary grater 3 drum stainless steel
KCDRUMSS - rotary grater stainless steel
KCGRATETR1 - 20cm stainless steel grater
KCHERBSS - herb mill with stainless steel blade
KCMCCHEESEDL - drum cheese grater stainless steel
KCMCMANDO - deluxe mandoline set stainless steel
parmesan grater

KCPARM - parmesan grater
KCPROCG - curved grater stainless steel
KCPROCP - cheese plane stainless steel
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