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Take a look through our collection of egg cups and egg rings. An egg cup is a vertical concave vessel for holding a boiled egg with the shell on. We stock both ceramic and silicone egg cups although other materials are also available, a silicone egg cup has the advantage that it will not break when dropped. All of our egg cups and rings are available online.

Egg rings are used to create perfectly circular fried eggs for that professional touch, although egg rings are usually circular they are also available in other fun shapes like heart egg rings for example. Egg rings can also be used more generally with other foods where a distinct shape is required. An egg separator is used to remove egg yolks from their whites quickly and easily with minimum mess, we stock both a plastic and stainless steel egg separator. They often prove useful as a lot of baking and cooking recipes require either separate egg whites or yolks.

ceramic egg cup

KCEGGCER - ceramic egg cup
KCEGGCER2 - ceramic egg cup 2 pieces
KCEGGCUPSILD - chick silicone egg cups
KCEGGHEART - heart shaped egg rings
KCEGGRINGS - stainless steel egg rings
egg separator

KCEGGSEP - egg separator
Egg Wardrobe

egg seperator

KCPROES - egg seperator
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