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Fruit and Veg Tools -


Our fruit and veg tools section is an interesting category that boasts an electric selection of weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets associated with fruit and veg. We stock all kinds of fruit and veg tools including corn on the cob holders, lemon squeezers, lemon reamers, orange peelers, cherry pitters, salad spinners, fruit zesters and more.

Fruit and veg are increasingly important in our diets as people seek to become more healthy and are more aware of diet science and nutritional requirements. These fruit and veg tools tend to be rather specialist and particular to particular fruits or vegetables, but they all have a purpose and are all available online.

Lemon Juicer

CWJUICEDISP2 - Lemon Juicer
E11570 - Zyliss Hand Held Slicer
E40001 - Corn on the cob holders
Multi Slicer

KC7SLICE - Multi Slicer
KCGIANTCORN - large corn on the cob holders
KCJELLY - Cotton Straining Bag
KCJUICE - round glass lemon squeeze
KCLEMONED - plastic lemon squeezer
KCLEMONWDBUL - beechwood lemon reamer
KCMANGO - mango pitter soft grip carded
KCMCOS - heavy duty cherry pitter
orange peelers

KCORANGE - orange peelers
KCPROMB - melon baller stainless steel
KCPROZ - zester stainless steel
KCSPINNER - salad spinner easy pull
KCSSP - salad spinner plastic
v blade slicer

KCVSLICE - v blade slicer
salad spinner

MCSALADDLX - salad spinner
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