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A garlic press is a single purpose device used for crushing garlic cloves into a fine 'paste' for use in cooking. Peeling and manually cutting or manually crushing a garlic clove can be both a  messy and tricky business and often leaves your fingers smelling of garlic. A garlic press, or garlic crusher as they are known, negates these problems and makes pressing garlic effortless.

Garlic crushers consist of a pair of handles to be operated by one hand, a hopper with perforated holes to hold the garlic clove, and a plate attached to a piston to crush the garlic and force it through the holes. There is some controversy and debate among chefs as to whether or not garlic presses are worthwhile, some think that they are excellent that the paste that they produce is perfect for cooking with, while others believe that the process compromises the taste of the garlic. We just think a garlic press makes a tricky job easy.

MCSGGP - mc soft grip garlic press
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