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Kitchen Knifes - Kitchen Knives, Cooks Knives, Cooking Knives

We stock an extensive range of kitchen knifes. There are many different types of kitchen knives, some have a specific role to play in the kitchen while some cooks knives are more versatile and general purpose.

If you browse through our kitchen knifes you will also notice that a lot of these cooking knives are made from a variety of materials. Stainless steel has long been a favorite material for making blades for kitchen knives as it's strong, dishwasher safe and can be easily resharpened. We also have a range of Damascus steel cooks knives which offer superior strength and a sharper cutting edge, they are also rather attractive. Or why not try the latest in domestic cooking knives and purchase a ceramic knife which have a very sharp cutting edge are dishwasher safe and are considered the most hygienic blade.