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Kitchen Tongs - Cooking Tongs, Food Tongs


We keep quite a large selection of kitchen tongs and cooking tongs. They have multiple uses in the home and in cooking, food tongs are excellent for turning sausages in a frying pan or on a bbq, they are also great for serving hot food onto plates. They can also be used when public hygiene is an issue, like for example serving pastries and baked goods to the public.

Aside form these multi purpose kitchen tongs there are also some very specific models designed for a single purpose such as jar tongs which are designed specifically to lift preserving jars into and out of boiling water. We also keep a selection of flexible turners in this department as well, these are preferable for flatter foods such as fried eggs.   

2080182 - good grips flexible turner nylon small
2080198 - good grips flexible turner nylon large
Jar Tongs

5494588 - Jar Tongs
HORTC215 - Judge TC215 Hot Tongs Flat
HORTC216 - Judge TC216 Hot Tongs Upright
KCFOODTONGS - food tongs chrome sleeved
KCPROHT - burger turner stainless steel
KCPROHTNS - long handled turner stainless steel
KCPROLT - lasagne turner stainless steel
KCPROTONGSNS - non stick tongs 33cm
non stick turner

KCSPRINGYNS - non stick turner
KCTONGS30 - food tongs 30cm stainless steel
KCTONGSPL - chrome tongs plastic handle
MCNST - mc nylon slotted turner
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