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Ladle - Cake Slicer, Ladles, Cake Slicers


A ladle typically has a long handle which ends in a deep bowl which occasionally has a pouring lip to facilitate a finer pour and less mess. The bowl at the end of the ladle is often angled slightly. Ladles are particularly suited to serving runny foods like soup or stew.

We also keep our cake slicer collection in this section, the musical cake slicers are particularly popular and are a great way to serve cake for any occasion whether it be a birthday party, wedding or Christmas. A cake slicer is a flat wedge shaped usually stainless steel blade that can be used to cut cake and then serve a slice at a time. Cake slicers make for neatly cut and served cake.    

KCCAKESERVDI - novelty musical cake slices
KCPROCS - stainless steel cake server
KCPROGLNS - long handled ladle
KCPROSPAGNS - long handled spaghetti server stainless steel
mc nylon ladle

MCNSL - mc nylon ladle
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