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Measuring Cups - Measuring Spoons, Measuring Cup


A set of measuring cups are used to measure specific cups and fractions of cups of ingredients for a recipe, recipes often state specific fractions of cups for a mixture instead of using milliliter quantities. Measuring spoons are much the same except that they measure precise measurements of ingredients in spoon measurements, half a teaspoon for example, this takes the guess work out of measuring quantities.

Both measuring cups and measuring spoons can come in a variety of materials and set types, we sell both the ColourWorks plastic range which feature bright colours to match the rest of the ColourWorks range and also a set of Kitchen Craft Measuring cups and spoons which are made of stainless steel. Precision is often important in cooking especially in baking, so invest in a proper set of measuring spoons and you won't go wrong.

KCCUPSET - measuring cup set
KCMEASUREDL - measuring spoon set
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