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A mincer is a kitchen appliance for grinding and mincing meat or fish. Most often used for the production of beef mince in the home, it's possible to use fantastic quality meats so that to some extent you can control the level of fat and protein in your mince meat. A mincer is quite a robust piece of kitchenware, our meat mincer by Kitchen Craft are made of cast iron and are fixed to the edge of a work top via a large clamp.

A meat mincer typically consists of a large hopper to feed meat into, a vertical screw to pull the meat along and begin ripping it, a blade to cut it and a perforated plate which the meat is forced through and hence minced. This perforated disc can be changed, most mincers come with a selection to allow you to adjust the coarseness of the mince. A mincer can also sometimes come with a sausage making attachment which is essentially a tube that fits onto the end of the mincer.

KCBPRESS - plastic burger press
Burger Press

KCHMBPRESS - Burger Press
KCMINCER5 - cast iron meat mincer no5
KCMINCER8 - cast iron meat mincer no8
KCMINCERP - plastic meat mincer
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