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Can Opener - Tin Opener, Can Openers


A can opener makes use of a locking handle, a cutting blade and a serrated wheel to grip the can. A can opener is often refereed to as a tin opener in the UK and the Commonwealth This design that incorporates those three features and opens the can from the top was invented in 1925, can openers gained in popularity after this breakthrough. These can openers made opening cans considerably easier and faster but there remained a problem – the top of an opened can was left quite sharp.

This problem was solved with a new design that emerged in the 1980s with the side cutting can opener, which as the name suggests, cuts the can along the side just below the rim leaving a much safer edge. We not only stock the classic tin opener in various designs but also jar openers, jars can be quite tricky to open especially with people that suffer from arthritis.

2080072 - good grips jar opener
2080093 - good grips can opener
C50600 - Culinare C50600 One Touch Can Opener
C52100ED1 - One touch jar opener
KCBFCAN - butterfly can opener
jar key openers

KCJARKEYDISP - jar key openers
KCPROCAN - stainless steel can opener heavy duty
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