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Potato Peeler - Potato Peelers, Bean Slicer, Butter Curler


A potato peeler is a metal blade attached to a handle used for peeling vegetables like potatoes and carrots, potato peelers can also by used to peel the skin off hard fruits like apples and pears. A potato peeler can come in many forms, a very popular variety is known as the Y shaped peeler, the blade is held between two points at the end of the handle, this type of potato peeler can be used very quickly.

Aside from potato peelers we also stock bean slicers. A bean slicer is a device which can easily cut long beans into strips, these also come in numerous forms but the basic principle is that the bean is pulled through the device itself.

2080051 - good grips swivel peeler
2080067 - good grips y peeler
peeler parer

3490010 - peeler parer
bean slicer

3630018 - bean slicer
KCBEANAUTO - rotary bean slicer
KCBEANSLICER - box shape bean slicer
lancs peeler

KCLANCS - lancs peeler
butter curler

KCPROBC - butter curler
KCPROLP - fixed peeler stainless steel
KCPROSP - swivel peeler stainless steel
KCPROY - y peeler stainless steel
MCPEELER - swivel headed peeler
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