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Potato Ricers, Mashers and Chippers - Potato Ricer, Potato Masher, Potato Chippe


Potato ricers are kitchen gadgets used to force a potato through a series of small holes in a perforated plate, the holes are quite small and so much of the excess water from the potato is removed which makes potato ricers ideal for making fishcakes and rosti. Because of the fine holes a potato ricer is also great for making really smooth mashed potato.

As well potato ricers we also stock potato mashers and chippers. A potato chipper is a device that forces a potato through a matrix of small holes in order to quickly create chips. Cutting chips, especially fine chips, by hand is tedious and also potentially dangerous, a potato chipper makes the job easy and safe, potato chippers often come with interchangeable cutting heads for different sized chips. We also stock good old potato mashers here too, a potato masher is a simple hand device for literally mashing potatoes in a saucepan.

HORSA82 - Stellar potato masher
KCBB882 - lever action potato chipper
KCPROMNS - long handled masher stainless steel
KCPROMT - meat masher stainless steel
Potato Ricer

KCRICERCP - Potato Ricer
mc nylon masher

MCNSM - mc nylon masher
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