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Scoop - Ice Cream Scoops, Plastic Scoops


We stock a large range of various scoops including ice cream scoops and various spoons. Ice cream scoops are designed to easily cut trough and scoop up ice cream and sorbet, ice cream scoops have an angled scoop and a strong hefty handle.

We also sell long handled spoons which are ideal for serving stews, casseroles and other foods cooked in a large vessel much easier than using a standard table spoon. We also stock slotted spoons which are good for serving vegetables that have been boiling in water, the scoop collects all the vegetables while the slots or holes allow the water to pass through.

cwSILSCRAPDI - silicone multi use scraper
HORSA70 - Stellar icecream scoop small
HORSA71 - Stellar icecream scoop large
jam spoon

KCJAMSPOON - jam spoon
KCPROIC - ice cream scoop stainless steel
KCPROPSNS - long handled cooks spoon stainless steel
KCPROSSNS - long handled slotted spoon stainless steel
KCSILSCOOP - silicone ice cream scoop
MCNSSLSP - soft grip nylon slot spoon
mc cooking spoon

MCNSSP - mc cooking spoon
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