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A sieve in general terms is a device used for separation of a desired element from a mass of other material using a fine mesh or lattice. A kitchen sieve is also used to aerate substances such as flour and also remove any hard lumps, the fine flour grains will fall through the holes in the sieve while the larger particles remain in the sieves mesh.

As well as sieves we also sell sifters which can be used to either sift flour but also icing sugar, a sifter is great for directly applying icing sugar to the top of deserts in a fine and controlled mist. A kitchen sieve can also be used to strain teabags over a mug. 

KCPROSNS - long handled skimmer stainless steel
KCPROTS - oval handled sieve 7cm stainless steel
KCSIFDISP - handy sifter plastic
KCSIFTER - sifter stainless steel
KCSSCON150 - conical stainless steel sieve 15cm
KCSTR100 - sieve 100mm stainless steel
KCSTR150 - sieve 150mm stainless steel
KCSTR180 - sieve 180mm stainless steel
KCSTR60 - sieve 60mm stainless steel
KCSTRAIN16SS - stainless steel round strainer sieve 16cm
KCSTRAIN18SS - stainless steel round strainer sieve 18cm
KCSTRAIN20SS - stainless steel round strainer sieve 20cm
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