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Silicone Kitchen Utencils - Silicone Cooking Utensils


The latest advancement in kitchenware are silicone kitchen utencils. These come in a variety of bright exciting colours which you can mix and match. Silicones are polymers that contain Silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen amongst other things, they are inert synthetic compounds used for many things. Silicone kitchen utencils have a number of benefits and improvements on older kitchen utencils, they can withstand temperatures of up to 210c, are dishwasher safe, hygienic, stain resistant, suitable for non stick surfaces, soft to touch and come with a five year guarantee from the Kitchen Craft Colourworks range. Silicone tools are proving to be one of the most popular kitchenware products this year.

We have a huge range of silicone cooking utensils including everything from spoons, turners, pastry brushes, spatulas, whisks and much much more, there's enough silicone here to create a complete cooking utensils set for your kitchen, all our silicone kitchen utensils are available online with fast UK delivery.

CWSPSPATPNK - silicone spoon spatula pink
CWSPSPATPUR - silicone spoon spatula purple
CWSPSPATRED - silicone soon spatula red
CWSPSPATYEL - Silicone Spoon Spatula Yellow
CWSSBRUSHBLU - silicone pastry brush blue
CWSSBRUSHGRN - silicone pastry brush green
CWSSBRUSHOR - silicone pastry brush orange
CWSSBRUSHPNK - silicone pastry brush pink
CWSSBRUSHPUR - silicone pastry brush purple
CWSSBRUSHRED - silicone pastry brush red
CWSSMAGICBLK - magic whisk black
CWSSMAGICBLU - silicone magic whisk blue
CWSSMAGICGRN - silicone magic whisk green
CWSSMAGICPNK - Silicone Magic Magic Whisk Pink
CWSSMAGICPUR - magic whisk purple
magic whisk red

CWSSMAGICRED - magic whisk red
CWSSMAGICYEL - Magic Whisk Yellow
CWSSMSGICOR - magic whisk orange
CWTONGSRED - silicone headed tongs red
CWTURNBLU - silicone flexible turner blue
CWTURNGRN - silicone flexible turner green
CWTURNOR - silicone flexible turner orange
CWTURNPNK - silicone flexible turner pink
CWTURNPUR - silicone flexible turner purple
CWTURNRED - silicone flexible turner red
CWTURNYEL - Silicone  Slotted Turner Yellow
CWTWTONGSBLU - silicone tweezer tongs blue
CWTWTONGSGRN - silicone tweezer tongs green
CWTWTONGSOR - silicone tweezer tongs orange
CWTWTONGSPNK - silicone tweezer tongs pink
CWTWTONGSPUR - Silicone tweezer tongs purple
CWTWTONGSRED - silicone tweezer tongs red
CWTWTONGSYEL - Silicone Tweezer Tongs Yellow
CWWHISKBLK - silicone whisk black
CWWHISKBLU - silicone whisk blue
CWWHISKGRN - silicone whisk green
CWWHISKOR - silicone whisk orange
CWWHISKPNK - silicone whisk pink
CWWHISKPUR - silicone whisk purple
CWWHISKRED - silicone whisk red
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