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Whisk - Hand Whisk, Balloon Whisk, Kitchen Whisks


A whisk is a hand held implement for incorporating air into a mixture in a process called whisking or whipping. Whisks come in a variety of forms but in this section we stock hand whisks, electric whisks are with the food processors. A whisk consists of a handle with long wire loops repeated in the end, the materials used differ but can be made from stainless steel, bamboo, plastics and now silicone. A common shape of whisk is known as the balloon whisk.

Aside from balloon whisks we also stock different shapes and also a mechanical kitchen whisk which incorporate a mechanical wheel and a turn handle, this gives you ultimate control over the speed of the beaters, essential for delicate recipes that require precision cooking.

mechanical whisk

4220113 - mechanical whisk
KC11WIRE25 - balloon whisk stainless steel small
KC11WIRE30 - balloon whisk stainless steel medium
KC11WIRE35 - balloon whisk stainless steel large
KC11WIRE40 - balloon whisk stainless steel extra large
KCMAGIC - magic whisk stainless steel
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