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BBQ - Barbecue, Barbeque, Barbecues, BBQs


A BBQ is a device used to grill food outside, the word BBQ can also be used to refer to the process of barbequing and the activity itself. There are many different types of barbecue most of which are charcoal, the charcoal gives the food a distinct flavor because of the immense heat generated and the smoke that it gives off. The other main type of barbecue is gas. A gas barbeque takes advantage of a gas cylinder and a regulator to control the flow of gas to the barbeque, the advantage of gas cooking is that it's quick and easy to light and instantly controllable, but purists often prefer charcoal.

Our range of BBQs includes table versions, DIY versions, bucket types and even disposable BBQs. The disposable BBQ is a really quick way to start cooking outdoors as all you need are an initial source of fire and of course some food to cook on it.

disposable BBQ

2821032 - disposable BBQ
3570017 - table top kettle bbq 35.5cm
3710344 - diy build it barbecue
Bucket BBQ

7100763 - Bucket BBQ
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