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Torch - Lanterns, Torches, Head Torch, Wind Up Torch,


A torch proves to be an incredibly useful device to have around in lots of different situations, we recommend that you have a torch in the home, in the car and preferably on your key ring as well. Torches differ in brightness, size, style and battery type, there are probably thousands of different torches to choose from but we think that we stock a fairly good selection.

Torches and lanterns used to have a small incandescent bulb as a light source but more and more light emitting diodes (LEDs) are used in torches due to their phenomenal burn time and minimal energy use. Some of the brightest and most efficient torches on the market for domestic use are made by MyTorch, most of their torches can even be plugged into your computer and reprogrammed, the MyTorch Nextorch 18650 is particularly impressive with a brightness up to 200 lumens and a beam distance of 200m ! We also sell a wind up torch selection and a head torch selection, a head torch is great in conditions where you'd like to have both hands free – perfect for in the car for when you break down on a dark night and need to take a look under the bonet.

5281800 - 39 led triangle flashlight
7620328 - multi light 24 led
FPPSLGRIP - Low Energy Trailing Lamp
MY18650 - Nextorch 18650 Smart Torch
MY2AA - Nextorch 2AA Smart Torch
MY3AAA - Nextorch 3AAA Smart Torch
MYAA - Nextorch AA Smart Torch
Cliplite Pro White

MYCLPROWW - Cliplite Pro White
MYVIKERSTAR - Viker Star LED Headlamp
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