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Plant Food - Plant Feed, Lawn Feed, Lawn Food, Tomato Food


Our vast range of various plant foods is sourced from high-quality vendors, such as Miracle-Gro and Evergreen, to ensure that we bring you only the highest quality available for you and your plants. Our plant food is suitable for all kinds of garden plants, from tomatoes, to flowers and lawns.

Among our range of plant food, we also sell high-quality fertilizer, meaning that not only do your plants get the food they need that is essential to grow, but the plants also get the nutrients they require from fertilized soil, allowing the plant to grow to its highest potential in your garden.

1491562 - liquid growmore 1ltr
1491651 - container & basket plant feed
lawn feed 1ltr

1491819 - lawn feed 1ltr
rose feed 1ltr

1492090 - rose feed 1ltr
1492105 - ericaceous plant feed 1ltr
2010100 - Foliage Plant Drip Feeder
2010115 - orchids drip feeder 5 pack of 32ml
2020652 - liquid tomorite 500ml
2020956 - liquid tomorite 1ltr
2021719 - Evergreen Complete Soluble Lawn Feed
2952455 - miracle grow plant food 1kg
2953527 - miracle grow pour & feed 1ltr
2954390 - Miracle Grow Singles
4210545 - tomato fertilizer 500ml
4863802 - Baby Bio Drip Feeder Original
4863818 - Baby Bio Drip Feeder Orchid
4970770 - soluble plant food 40 can pack
4970785 - soluble plant food 80 can pack
Growmore 10kg

7880250 - Growmore 10kg
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