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Plant Health - Plant Health Care, Pest Repeller, Pest Control


Our fine Plant Health range will ensure that your plants grow to their fullest extent without being hindered by fungal growths, bugs, or other things that may prevent the maximum growth potential of your plants, whilst also keeping your plant as healthy as possible, without the addition of potentially harmful pesticides.

Our plant health range also includes high-quality professional bug repellents, to ensure that your plant has no threat from pests such as bugs. Our plant health range also stocks a large amount of sulphates in order to keep the nutrients of the soil in perfect conditions for plant growth.

1490202 - Hormone Rooting Powder
1491541 - all in one insect killer 1ltr spray
2180163 - Garotta Compost Maker
2390259 - Greenhouse Sulphur Candle
2954269 - bug clear ultra 200ml
4210524 - Maxicrop Sequestered Iron
4860377 - Cool Glass Greenhouse Shading
4862919 - arbrex seal and heal 300g
4863226 - provado ultimate bug killer
4863645 - lawn disease control 60m2
4863734 - Fruit And Vegetable Disease Control

6342654 - vermiculite

6342675 - perlite
6342811 - Fish Blood And Bone
6342873 - sulphate of iron 1kg
6342880 - Sulphate Of Ammonia
6342895 - Sulphate Of Potash
7740262 - bordeaux mixture 175g
7740278 - yellow sulphur 225g
7740283 - Hydrangea Colourant 150g
7740299 - fruit tree grease 200g
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