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Weed killer - Weedkiller, Lawn Weed Killer


Our large range of weed killer will ensure that you get the job done quickly and efficiently with regards to removing unsightly weeds, without causing any harm to the plants. The weed killer attacks the weed at the root, killing it and preventing any chance of it growing back and causing more destruction

Our weed killer range includes products to prevent unsightly weeds growing almost anywhere, from paths, to lawns to tree stumps, and our weed killer comes in many different forms of application, as either a gel, powder, or spray. We also stock major brands, such as Roundup, Verdone and Weedol.

2021677 - verdone weedkiller 500ml
2021698 - verdone extra ready to use
2021881 - tumbleweed weed killer spray 1lt
2390311 - deep root tree stump weedkiller 200ml
2954028 - Pathclear 6 Sachet Weedkiller
2954122 - pathclear gun 1ltr
2954426 - Weedol Rootkill Plus 1ltr Spray
2954735 - Weedol Rootkill Plus 8 Tubes
4210608 - moss killer and lawn tonic 500ml
4210613 - moss killer and lawn tonic 1lt
4320230 - roundup weedkiller 1ltr spray
4320340 - roundup weedkiller 540ml
4320356 - roundup weedkiller 1ltr
4320398 - Roundup Tree Stump Killer
4320450 - Roundup Gel 150ml
4320466 - Roundup Weedkiller Concentrate 50% Free
4863561 - Bayer Long Lasting Ground Clear
7740084 - sbk brushwood killer 500ml
7740090 - sbk brushwood killer 1ltr
7741025 - sbk brushwood killer 750ml spray
7880176 - resolva 24hr weedkiller spray 3ltr
7880197 - resolva 24hr concentrated weedkiller 500ml
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