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We keep a good selection of sink parts in stock including sink plugs, sink strainers and sink chains. Sink plugs generally come in two standard sizes one and a half inch and one and three quarter inch, usually sink basin plugs are smaller than their bath plug cousins. We do however stock universally fitting sink plugs but these do not form as good a seal as finding one that's designed to fit your plug hole.

Sink chain is an important element in our sink parts category and is used to attached a sink plug to a bath or sink basin via a threaded bolt which screws straight into the sink or bath and then tightened from the other side. Sink chain can either be loop chain or ball chain and tends to be either brass or chrome so that it won't rust. A sink strainer is used to catch hair in a bath or shower cubicle as this will easily block the drain. A sink strainer can also be used in a kitchen basin to catch large pieces of food from blocking the drain.

BANB0334 - universal sink plug plastic
BANB0339 - sink strainer chrome 1.3/4
BANB0340 - sink strainer white 1.1/2
BANB0341 - sink strainer white 1.3/4
BANB0371 - sink plug rubber white 1.5
BANB0372 - sink plug rubber white 1.75
BANB0373 - sink plug rubber black 1.5
BANB0374 - sink plug rubber black 1.75
BANB0375 - sink chain oval link 12
BANB0376 - sink chain oval link 18
BANB0377 - sink chain oval link 12
BANB0379 - sink chain ball link 12
BANB0380 - sink chain ball link 18
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