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Washers and seals are very important in plumbing, if you're suffering from a leaking tap or a leaking toilet or indeed any leak in your household plumbing chances are you need to replace some rubber seals or some rubber washers.

Washers and seals come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and shapes, washers for plumbing tend to be either rubber washers or fibre washers. These are soft and so can be compressed within the seal making it water tight, this is why when the washers and seals start to get brittle and break the tap will start to leak. All of our rubber seals are available online and can be posted out at little expense.

BANB0338 - shower hose washers 1/2
BANB0344 - fibre plumb washers bsp 1/2
BANB0346 - fibre washers assorted
BANB0347H - o rings heavy assorted
BANB0347L - o rings light assorted
BANB0348 - hot water bottle washers
BANB0349 - washing machine hose seals
tap washers 3/8"

BANB0350 - tap washers 3/8
tap washers 1/2"

BANB0351 - tap washers 1/2
tap washers 3/4"

BANB0352 - tap washers 3/4
BANB0353 - tap washers dome 1/2
BANB0364 - cistern repair kit hp
BANB0366 - cistern washers 1/2" & split pin
BANB0367 - fordham diaphram washers
BANB0368 - cistern washers 5/8
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