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Casserole Dish - Casserole Dishes With Lids, Casserole Dishes


A casserole dish or sometimes called simply a casserole (which is also confusingly the name of the food cooked within) refers to a large deep lidded dish for use in the oven but that can also be used to serve food in at the table.

Our Stellar range of casserole dishes with lids feature thick hot forged bases, mirror polished quality stainless steel, a Stellar lifetime guarantee, classic domus shape and are both oven and dishwasher safe. A casserole usually consists of pieces of meat or fish with vegetables and some kind of starchy food such as pasta or potato, quite often a cheesy crust is added for additional flavour. There is a distinction between a casserole and a stew, a stew is often made in a stock pot or large saucepan and is cooked by heat being applied from below, whereas a casserole is made in a casserole dish and is cooked in the oven. All of our casserole dishes are available with fast UK delivery.

1010250 - Charterhouse 24cm Casserole
1960376 - Enamel Roaster 26cm
1960381 - Enamel Roaster 30cm
2970343 - Ready Steady Cook Casserole
Mussel Pot

3533441 - Mussel Pot
5361791 - Pyrex Casserole Dish 1.25ltr
5362230 - Pyrex Cast Iron Enamel Casserole
5362245 -  Pyrex Cast Iron Enamel Casserole
5362308 - Pyrex Wave Mini Casserole
5362313 - Pyrex Wave Mini Oval Casserole
5362340 - Pyrex Wave Round Casserole
Cream Casserole

5971355 - Cream Casserole
6850989 - Stellar 7000 Stock Pot 7.5ltr
7290010 - Compact Slow Cooker

HORS636 - Stellar 6000 Casserole Pan 24cm
HORS736 - Stellar 7000 Casserole Pan 24cm
KCCECASOV29 - Cast Iron Casserole Oval Red
KCCECASOV29B - Cast Iron Casserole Oval Black
KCCECASRD20 - Cast Iron Casserole Red 2.5ltr
KCCECASRD20B - Cast Iron Casserole Black 2.5ltr
KCCECASRD24 - Cast Iron Casserole Red 3.8ltr
KCCECASRD24B - Cast Iron Casserole Black 3.8ltr
KCCECASRD26 - Cast Iron Casserole Red 5ltr
KCCECASRD26B - Cast Iron Casserole Black 5ltr
Ceramic Tagine

KCMCTAG30RED - Ceramic Tagine
Stellar - 1000 casserole 18cm
Stellar - 1000 casserole 20cm
Stellar - 1000 casserole 22cm
Stellar - 1000 casserole 24cm
Stellar - 1000 casserole dish 16cm
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