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Colander - Strainer, Colanders


Our colander collection wont stain your budget. Colanders are bowl shaped vessel perforated with holes and are used to drain water from foods like peas, potatoes, pasta, etc. The holes in the colander allow water to pass through and then leave the food behind for use in cooking and serving.  Colanders or strainers as they are sometimes known are usually made from lightweight materials such as aluminium or thin stainless steel.

We stock both a satin finished stainless steel colander and tough melamine colanders which are part of the ColourWorks range, all these colanders have matching kitchen utensils in the same range making it possible to create a bright lively theme in the kitchen.

CWMCOLSMLBLK - small colander black
CWMCOLSMLBLU - small colander blue
CWMCOLSMLGRN - small colander green
cwmcolsmlor - small colander orange
CWMCOLSMLPNK - small colander pink
CWMCOLSMLPUR - small colander purple
CWMCOLSMLRED - small colander red
CWMCOLSMLYEL - Small Colander Yellow
HORMJ07 - colander 20cm s.steel
HORMJ09 - colander 24cm s.steel
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