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Frying Pan - Frying Pans, Saute Pan, Stellar Pans


A frying pan is a pan with a flat bottom for use on a hob for the purpose of frying, searing or browning foods, they feature low sides that often curve or flare outwards.  A saute pan is slightly different, sauteing food often involves cooking the food right through as apposed to quickly searing food in pan frying, usually a sauce is involved as well. To reflect this a saute pan is often deeper and includes a lid and additional handle.

We are particularly proud of our frying pan collection, some of the best frying pans are made by Green Pan, their Kyoto range incorporates heavy gauge upcycled aluminium with thermolon black exterior, featuring patented thermolon ceramic non stick technology and uses no PTFE and no PFOA, these frying pans also work great on all hobs. The Stellar pans, in various ranges, are always a firm favourite as the Stellar brand is synonymous in the UK with premium quality and beautiful design.

1010230 - Charterhouse 24cm Frying Pan
1010245 - Charterhouse 26cm Frying Pan
2970338 - Ready Steady Cook Frying Pan 24cm
Crepe Pan

4920624 - Crepe Pan
5971360 - Cream Frying Pan 20cm
5971376 - Cream frying Pan 24cm
6850952 - Stellar 7000 Saute Pan 24cm
6850968 - Stellar 7000 Frying Pan 26cm
CW0004919 - Green Pan Venice 20cm Frying Pan
CW0004920 - Green Pan Venice 24cm Fyring Pan
CW0004921 - Green Pan Venice 28cm Frying Pan
CW0005250 - Green Pan Kyoto 20cm Frying Pan
CW0005251 - Green Pan Kyoto 24cm Frying Pan
CW0005252 - Green Pan Kyoto 28cm Frying Pan
CWFPBLU24 - Ceramic Frying Pan blue
CWFPGRN24 - Ceramic Frying Pan green
CWFPPNK24 - Ceramic Frying Pan pink
CWFPPUR24 - Ceramic Frying Pan purple
HORJA39R - Stellar Easy Lift Wok
HORJA39V - Stellar Easy Lift Wok
HORS318B - Stellar 3000 Saute Pan 24cm
HORS319B - Stellar 3000 Frypan 20cm
HORS327B - Stellar 3000 Frypan 24cm
HORS329B - Stellar 3000 Frypan 30cm
HORS333B - Stellar 3000 Frypan 28cm
HORS613 - Stellar 6000 Frying Pan 20cm
HORS618 - Stellar 6000 Saute Pan 24cm
HORS620 - Stellar 6000 Frying Pan 26cm
HORS624 - Stellar 6000 Saute Pan 28cm
HORS627 - Stellar 6000 Frying Pan 30cm
HORS713 - Stellar 7000 Frying Pan 20cm
HORS724 - Stellar 7000 Saute Pan 28cm
HORS727 - Stellar 7000 Frying Pan 30cm
Pan Protectors

KCPANPROT3 - Pan Protectors
pancake pan

KCPCAKE - pancake pan
KCSPLATXLRG - splatter guard large
Stellar - 1000 frying pan 18cm non stick
Stellar - 1000 frying pan 20cm
Stellar - 1000 frying pan 20cm non stick
Stellar - 1000 frying pan 28cm non stick
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