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Microwave Cookware - Microwave Dishes, Microwavable Cookware


Our microwave cookware products are non stain and easy to clean, microwaving foods in normal plastic vessels tends to stain them quite badly over time. Microwave cooking is a very fast and efficient and because the cooking times are greatly reduced when using microwaves and microwave cookware there is less nutrient loss, which means healthier cooking.

We sell various types of microwaveable cookware, including saucepans, bacon crispers, steamers, egg poachers and potato bakers. We also stock a microwavable plate cover, which can be used in conjunction with a normal microwave safe plate to cook food more evenly. Be sure to check the guidelines on the back of food packaging before using microwave dishes to make sure the cooking time is right for your microwave.

1710012 - non stain microwave saucepan
1710028 - non stain microwave egg poacher
1710033 - non stain microwave bacon tray
1710049 - non stain microwave plate cover
1710054 - non stain microwave multi-steam dish
1710117 - EasyCook Microwave Veg Steamer
1710138 - EasyCook Microwave Saucepan 0.9ltr
1710143 - EasyCook Microwave Saucepan 0.6ltr
1710159 - EasyCook Microwave Egg Poacher
4310992 - Microwave Potato Baker
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