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Pizza Pan - Deep Pizza Pan, Pizza Crisper, Pizza Pans


A pizza pan is a pan used specifically to bake pizzas in a conventional oven, a pizza pan is round and usually quite large and very thin and shallow with only a small lip to keep the pizza from sliding off onto the floor. But a pizza pans most distinct feature are the perforated base, these holes are aeration holes which allow the base to crisp up before the top burns giving a nice firm crisp base and soft topping. For this reason they are also widely referred to as a pizza crisper.

Pizza is one of the most popular meals in the world, there are many types of base and topping and our pizza pans are perfect for all kinds. There is so much variety that making your own pizzas can be good fun and very rewarding and creative, a pizza pan is also perfect for cooking a store bought frozen pizza.

pizza pan

3010158 - pizza pan
mc pizza crisper

KCMCHB14 - mc pizza crisper
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