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Egg Poacher - Egg Poacher Pan, Egg Poachers


An egg poacher is a vessel that allows an egg to be cooked by poaching, which is a process of cooking that involves simmering in liquid. This method of cooking provides very predictable results with precise timing. Egg poachers all achieve this in much the same way however they differ in size and therefore the amount of eggs they can poach at any one time.

Our Judge range of egg poachers are made from high quality stainless steel and the cups that actually hold the eggs are non stick on both sides for easy egg removal and cup cleaning. The lids of the egg poacher pan are made from glass with a steam venting hole, this means that you can keep an  eye on the progress of your eggs to get them how you want them.

egg poacher 4 hole

HORPP297 - egg poacher 4 hole
JJ86 - vista egg poacher 4 hole
JJ91 - vista egg poacher 1 hole
egg poacher cup

KCCUPNSLRG - egg poacher cup
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