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Roasting Tin - Roasting Tray, Roasting Pan


A roasting tin is a large deep piece of cookware for roasting large cuts of meat or entire pieces of poultry in an oven sometimes with vegetables in the same pan, they are also known as a roasting tray. Some very large, very heavy roasting pans also come with side handles to aid lifting from an oven.

In addition to a roasting tin sometimes a roasting rack is used in conjunction, the rack serves to keep the meat or poultry elevated from the base of the roasting pan and therefore also elevated above the juices. A roasting tin is often quite deep not only so that large cuts of meat can be cooked but also because some people prefer to cook the meat on top of a bed of vegetables so that they absorb all the juices from the meat. We also stock a roasting tray with a built in filter for straining off the fat and juices for use in stock and in gravy.

- roast tin medium 33x27cm
- roast tin small 28x23cm
3010289 - roast tin large 37x32cm
5362266 - Pyrex Wave Roaster 21cm
5362271 - Pyrex Wave Roaster 33cm
5362329 - Pyrex Wave Roaster 25cm
5362334 - Pyrex Wave Roaster 30cm
5362360 - Pyrex Wave Mini Roaster
KCADJRACK - adjustable roasting rack
mc roaster 15"

KCMCHB1 - mc roaster 15
KCMCHB31 - mc roasting pan 12
KCMCHB52 - mc non-stick roaster with rack
KCMCHBSET1 - mc non stick twin pack roaster
KCMCTRAYNS26 - mc roasting rack 26x20cm
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