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Saucepans - Cooking Pans, Saucepan Lids


A good selection of saucepans is as essential for a kitchen as it is a web shop. Saucepans come in many different sizes, materials and types. Some of the best saucepans are multi-ply, that is they are made from (usually) 3 layers the outer layer is magnetic stainless steel which is suitable for all hob types, the middle layer is aluminium which spreads the heat evenly throughout the whole saucepan and the inner layer is mirror polished stainless steel which is hygienic and durable. Stellar saucepans are made using this technique or variations of this technique with similar materials.

We don't just offer premium cooking pans, we also sell a good value for money range ideal for your first saucepans or for students. We also stock saucepan lids, sometimes only the saucepan lid gets damaged and it's a shame to replace a whole saucepan when a saucepan lid replacement will suffice. Whatever your preference or needs we've probably got the cooking pans for you, if in doubt get in contact with us and our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help.

1010266 - Charterhouse 12cm Saucepan
1010271 - Charterhouse 14cm Saucepan
1010287 - Charterhouse 14cm Milk Pan
1010292 - Charterhouse 16cm Saucepan
1010308 - Charterhouse 18cm Saucepan
1010313 - Charterhouse 20cm Saucepan
2970296 - Ready Steady Cook Milk Pan
2970301 - Ready Steady Cook Saucepan 16cm
2970317 - Ready Steady Cook Saucepan 18cm
2970322 - Ready Steady Cook Saucepan 20cm
4220312 - Metaltex Stove Mat Heat Diffuser
5971313 - cream milkpan 14cm
5971329 - cream saucepan 16cm
5971334 - cream saucepan 18cm
5971340 - cream saucepan 20cm
kyoto milkpan 14cm

CW0001427 - kyoto milkpan 14cm
CW0001804 - kyoto mini wok 20cm
CW0004300 - Green Pan Kyoto 16cm saucepan
CW0004301 - Green Pan Kyoto 18cm saucepan
CW0004302 - Green Pan Kyoto 20cm saucepan

HORJ304 - Judge Vista Saucepan 14cm
HORJ305 - Judge Vista Saucepan 16cm
HORJ306 - Judge Vista Saucepan 18cm
HORJ307 - Judge Vista Saucepan 20cm
Saucepan Stand

HORJF02GB - Saucepan Stand
HORJJ02 - Judge Vista Sauce Pot
HORJJ57 - Judge Vista Porringer
HORJJ84 - Judge Vista Chip Pan
HORJJL2 - saucepan lid replacement 14cm
HORJJL3 - saucepan lid replacement 16cm
HORJJL4 - saucepan lid replacement 18cm
HORJJL5 - saucepan lid replacement 20cm
HORJJL6 - saucepan lid replacement 22cm
HORJJL7 - saucepan lid replacement 24cm
HORS305B - Stellar 3000 Saucepan 16cm
HORS306B - Stellar 3000 Saucepan 18cm
HORS307B - Stellar 3000 Saucepan 20cm
HORS605 - Stellar 6000 Saucepan 16cm
HORS606 - Stellar 6000 Saucepan 18cm
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