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Induction hobs are a new technology and as such there are now saucepans for induction hobs, especially designed to make the most of the new hob designs. We stock the Stellar 3000 range of saucepans for induction hobs which are dishwasher safe, oven safe up to 180c and feature an induction base that's actually suitable for all hob types, cast stainless steel handles with anti slip stay cool grips, high grade enamel coated aluminium, raised double layered non stick coating for healthier cooking and of course these induction pans come with Stellar's famous lifetime guarantee and 10 year non stick guarantee.

Induction cooking makes use of a copper coil under induction hob pans which produces an alternating electric current which induces an electric current in the cooking pot, the current in the induction pan then generates heat through resistive heating. This means that you are directly transferring heat to the pan and therefore accidental burn injuries are far less common, the process is also much more efficient and instant temperature changes can be achieved, all of these benefits are amplified when you use proper saucepans for induction hobs.

HORS305B - Stellar 3000 Saucepan 16cm
HORS306B - Stellar 3000 Saucepan 18cm
HORS307B - Stellar 3000 Saucepan 20cm
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