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Steamer - Food Steamer, Steamers


A steamer is any cooking appliance or cookware that prohibits the escape of steam and then uses that steam to actually cook food, this process is especially advantageous for cooking vegetables which retain almost all their flavour from cooking in a steamer and also retain a lot of their crunchiness.

A multi tiered food steamer allows you to cook a different vegetable or food on each level, a whole meal can therefore be cooked at the same time all in one pan, as well as multi tiered steamers we also stock a specialized asparagus steamer and an electronic fish steamer. Fish like vegetables really benefit from gentle steam cooking, this really helps to retain the full flavour of the fish and makes it harder to over-cook the fish as well.

FS1M - Electric Fish Steamer
HORJX10 - steamer 20cm s.steel 5 tier set
HORS759 - Stellar 7000 Multi Steamer
KCCVASPAR - asparagus veg steamer
Stellar - 1000 steamer with handles
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