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Salt and Pepper - Salt and Pepper Mills, Salt and Pepper Shakers


Choose a salt a pepper set from our competitively priced range. Most of our salt and pepper mills are made by Cole & Mason a company founded in London in 1919 by Julian Cowan and was a family run business. They have been making quality products ever since. Notice that the salt and pepper mills use different materials in their mechanisms. The pepper mills use a hardened carbon steel grinding mechanism. The salt in the salt mill however would wear away at this and so in the salt mill a special ceramic mechanism is used.

The result is that salt and pepper is delivered to the plate every time, cleanly and evenly. There are a number of designs to choose from and each can be paired up to match. Some of our salt and pepper mills are dual which means they require you to turn one way for salt and another way for pepper.

1080878 - crystal salt & pepper mill set
1080946 - Seville Salt And Pepper Set

Cole & Mason Morely Crank Pepper Mill (H300821)

Cole & Mason Roma Salt & Pepper Mill Set (1080925)

Cole & Mason Morely Crank Salt Mill (H300722)
CWSNPMILLBLU - salt and pepper mill blue
CWSNPMILLGRN - salt and pepper mill green
CWSNPMILLOR - salt and pepper mill orange
H12301G - Keswick pepper mill
Keswick salt mill

H12302G - Keswick salt mill
H33901G - Coniston pepper mill
Coniston salt mill

H33902G - Coniston salt mill
H478581 - Windsor Salt And Pepper Set
H59301G - Windermere pepper mill
H59302G - Windermere salt mill
H59408G - Derwent Salt And Pepper Set
Exeter Pepper Mill

H59991P - Exeter Pepper Mill
Exeter Salt Mill

H59992P - Exeter Salt Mill
H60001P - Canterbury Pepper Mill
H60002P - Canterbury Salt Mill
H63002P - Acrylic Tap Salt Mill
H90180P - Richmond Electric Mill Set
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