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Stainless Steel Teapot - Stainless Steel Teapots


A stainless steel teapot will keep tea piping hot for a considerable time, our range of stainless steel teapots covers different design styles and different sizes ranging from 0.3ltr to 1.8ltr. Out Stellar range of premium stainless steel teapots are dishwasher safe and come with a lifetime guarantee.

If you want maximum durability, strength and a timeless look a stainless steel teapot is certainly a great option. They are also easy to clean and come up brilliantly shiny when a stainless steel cleaner is applied, there is also the added advantage that the insides are not stained by the tea which is common in a ceramic teapot.

tall teapot 0.6ltr

JR10 - tall teapot 0.6ltr
SAB5971250 - stainless steel teapot
SC52 - art deco teapot 0.6ltr
SC53 - artdeco tea pot 0.9ltr
SC54 - art deco teapot 1.2ltr
SC65 - art deco teapot 1.8ltr
SP51 - plaza teapot 0.9ltr
ST03 - continental teapot 38oz
ST05 - traditional teapot 14oz
ST06 - traditional teapot 20oz
ST07 - traditional teapot 40oz
ST08 - traditional teapot 62oz
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