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Bird Feeders - Seed Feeders, Wild Bird Feeders


Our bird feeders compliment our vast range of bird seeds, many of our specialist bird seeds are compatible with these seed feeders. As well as seed feeders we also stock nyger seed feeders, window feeders and peanut feeders.

A good wild bird feeder in conjunction with quality feed will keep birds interested and healthy all year round. Seed feeders are great for enticing wild birds to congregate in your garden which is great for bird watching, some people also enjoy the challenge of trying to entice rarer species to their garden. The RSPB recommend that you feed wild birds throughout the year from the harsh autumn and winter months through to the peak requirements of the breeding season in spring and early summer, bird feeders are therefore essential for anyone who maintains an interest in British wildlife.

2192210 - Complete Feeding Station Kit
2192472 - Twin Feeder And Hook Set
GARA01034 - Window Bird Feeder
GARA01041 - Heavy Duty Nut Feeder
GARA01044 - Heavy Duty Seed Feeder
GARA01100 - Suet Feast Feeder
GARA01231 - Flip Top Peanut Feeder
GARA01234 - Flip Top Seed Feeder
GARA01377 - Large Flip Top Seed Feeder
GARA01379 - Large Flip Top Nyger Feeder
Nut Fort

GARA01485 - Nut Fort
Seed Fort

GARA01487 - Seed Fort
GARA04242 - Flip Top Fat Snax Feeder
Nut Feeder

VIT4442 - Nut Feeder
Seed Feeder

VIT4559 - Seed Feeder
Nyger Feeder

VIT8290 - Nyger Feeder
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